The Crafter's Guide to Taking Great Photos

By Heidi Adnum
The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos is a jargon-free photography techniques book aimed firmly at creative people and crafters who use their blogs, websites, and online forums such as Etsy and Flickr to sell and promote their work.
br/> Packed full of non-technical, back-to-basics style information, this book shows the reader how to take beautiful photos of their work without a corporate-style product photo in sight! Simple, practical advice is presented with the “home photographer” in mind. The emphasis is on using what is to hand, and on making the most of what you have. The book is full of practical tips such as how to use a lightbox, avoid camera shake if you don’t have a tripod, make the most of natural lighting, and how to capture detail in tiny, intricate work.

Examples all come from blogs and craftspeople, so the resulting style of the book epitomizes the handmade aesthetic. The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos is the ultimate reference for the thousands of crafters out there wanting to get the best photos of their work, making this eminently backlistable book a must-have for anyone that ever needs to take photos for blogs or websites
Feb 2012
192 Pages
220.00 x 170.00mm

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