David Darcy

David Darcy has been capturing unique portraits of dogs in Australia and abroad for the past fifteen years. He has become one of Australia's leading author- photographers, with a succession of best selling photographic books to his credit, which include Every Man and His Dog, Australian Mongrel, and five other photographic titles.

Born in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, David developed a keen interest in photography from an early age. Over the years he has worked on numerous photography assignments that combine his dedication to his art, his eye for detail, with his passion for capturing iconic images of Australian dogs.

David acknowledges his own aging and beloved dogs as his biggest inspiration. He is a keen advocate for animal rights issues and has worked with many Australian animal welfare organisations.

Books by David Darcy

Old Timers

Published: December 2015

Author-photographer David Darcy presents a stunning collection of portraits depicting war, childhood, love and life in the in the lucky country.

Kiwi Dogs

Published: August 2015

Author-photographer David Darcy goes trans-Tasman in search of portraits and interviews of New Zealanders and their dogs.

A Girl's Best Friend

Published: December 2014

A Girl's Best Friend is a glorious documentation of the relationship between Aussie women and their canine besties.

Every Man and His Dog

Published: December 2013

Every Man and His Dog is a glorious documentation of the relationship between Aussie blokes and their canine besties.

Australian Mongrel

Published: August 2012

Australian Mongrel is a photographic exploration of Australia's relationship with this beloved icon.

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