The Mammoth Book of Freddie Mercury and Queen

Sean Egan

The Great Pretender and the most extraordinary band the world has ever known.

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Pretty Hands & Sweet Feet

Sammy Tremlin, Sarah Waite, Katy Parsons, Lindsey Williamson and Penelope Yee

AUD $19.99

Featuring a variety of colourful, unique nail art designs and techniques from award-winning nail artists, Pretty Hands & Sweet Feet is the quintessential DIY resource for easy-to-follow, step-by-step nail art tutorials that are youthful, trendy, and approachable.

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The World Is Elsewhere

Chris McIvor

AUD $22.99

Aid worker Chris McIvor's fascinating memoir of travelling to Morocco, his encounter with it's history, geography and culture told through the people he met and the places he visited.

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One Man's Flag

David Downing

AUD $39.99

Second in stunning WW1 spy series.

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The Night of the Triffids

Simon Clark

AUD $19.99

On the Isle of Wight, a colony of survivors wakes to a world plunged into darkness. Before long, the triffids, thought safely penned on the mainland, attack.

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Black & Decker Home Planner & Logbook

Chris Peterson

AUD $24.99

New homeowners, DIYers, and housewarming-gift buyers will love this handy book.

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Preserve The Dead

Brian McGilloway

AUD $29.99

In Preserve The Dead, Brian McGilloway weaves a pacy, intricate plot, full of tension to the very last page. DS Lucy Black's third outing since the bestselling Little Girl Lost, confirms her as one of the decade's most original female detectives: strong, sensitive and ever determined.

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The Story Of Antigone

Ali Smith

AUD $16.99

Ali Smith's rendition of Sophocles's timeless tragedy is elegantly written and exquisitively inventive.

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Princess Tales

Oldrich Ruzicka, Klara Kolcavova illustrated by Maria Neradova

AUD $18.99

The Children's Theatre series invites you to read and play along with your favorite fairy tales. The illustrated box acts as theatre stage and travel case for book and puppets.

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The Third Sin

Aline Templeton

AUD $19.99

The latest instalment in the gripping, DI Marjory Fleming police procedural series.

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