Norman The Norman And The Very Small Duchess

Philip Ardagh

AUD $12.99

The second instalment in the hilarious sword-swining adventures of Little hero Norman from the riotous, award-winning duo of Philip Ardagh and Tom Morgan-Jones.

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Lizzy Hawker

AUD $19.99

Runner tells Lizzy's story and in so doing, uncovers the journey of the physical, mental and emotional challenges that runners go through at the edge of human endurance.

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Seashore Watcher

Maya Plass

AUD $18.99

Learn how to spot tracks, identify markings and discover secret hideaways at the seashore. Packed with fascinating fact files, stunning photographs and hands-on activities, find out about what lives in the different habitats where the land meets the sea.

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Modern Pressure Canning

Amelia Jeanroy, photographs by Kerry Michaels

AUD $32.99

Preserve foods at their freshest and most flavourful with pressure canning!

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Charles Stephenson

Format: Paperback

AUD $27.99

Castles takes a uniquely architectural approach to deconstructing all forms of fortification, showing how the work of architect, stonemason, and engineer evolved to repel the increasingly destructive power of artillery.

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Making Dogs Happy

Dr Melissa Starling

Format: Paperback

AUD $35.00

Learn how to make your dog as happy as they make you.

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Bug Lab for Kids

John W. Guyton

AUD $29.99

Bug Lab for Kids is an engaging, scientifically accurate, and fun activity book that explores the exciting world of bugs.

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Korean Food Made Easy

Caroline Hwang

AUD $39.99

Author Caroline Hwang ably demonstrates that Korean cuisine is one of the simplest, healthiest cuisines - and it's perfect for sharing.

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The Little Virtues

Natalia Ginzburg

AUD $19.99

'I really love and admire The Little Virtues by Natalia Ginzburg... She writes beautiful, short essays about very simple things: shoes, food, children, writing itself. Her sentences have great precision and clarity, and I learn a lot when I read her.' - Zadie Smith

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Lifestyles of the Chicken Famous

Kathy Shea Mormino

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $25.99

From the author of The Chicken Chicks Guide to Backyard Chickens, Kathy Shea Mormino presents gorgeous photos of her flock, along with wisdom about breeds depicted and chicken-keeping in general.

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