1,000 Product Designs

Form, Function, and Technology from Around the World

Eric Chan
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Product design has changed dramatically in recent years as everything, from computers to microwaves to MP3 players, has become more compact and more powerful. Less seems to be more, as everything becomes portable and more user friendly. 1,000 Product Designs features the most innovative designs in recent years. This unprecedented collection of products from all over the globe is a window into different cultures and societies, featuring everything from furnishings to personal items and accessories to electronics.

Author bio:

Eric Chan is the founder and creative director of ECCO Design, the highly esteemed product design studio based in New York City. ECCO’s mission is to bring a meta-culture philosophy to the highest level of consultancy, specializing in product identity and development. ECCO has worked Herman Miller, Virgin, Toyota, LG Electronics, and Lenovo.

Category: The arts
ISBN: 9781592536382
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Rockport Publishers
Series: 1000 Series
Pub Date: November 2010
Page Extent: 320
Format: Paperback
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: The arts