How To Build Brick Airplanes

Detailed LEGO Designs for Jets, Bombers, and Warbirds

Peter Blackert
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How to Build Brick Airplanes shows you how to construct some of the worlds most legendary aircraft, including the SR-71, the P38 Lightning, and the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, from LEGO bricks.

How to Build Brick Airplanes puts the power of the worlds most fearsome jets in your hands learn how to build the SR-71, the P38 Lightning, the B2 bomber, and more, from LEGO bricks. Grab some bricks, because its time to get building! How to Build Brick Airplanes is loaded with clear, easy-to-follow designs for creating contemporary and classic jets, warbirds, bombers, and more using nothing more than bricks found in many common LEGO sets. More than just simple, generic recreations, the planes here are all scale models of their real-world counterparts.
How to Build Brick Airplanes opens with simpler designs, before working up to more detailed builds. This vivid, user-friendly, and fun title is sure to bring hours of joy and airborne wonder to LEGO fans across the globe, whether you're an aviation enthusiast, LEGO lover, or looking for a project to share with little ones of your own. LEGO is the worlds #1 toy company. The adults who grew up building LEGO City and Spaceports are now passing their old sets on to their children - and a new generation of LEGO builders has emerged, along with a rabid online community and celebrated custom builders.

Author bio:

Peter Blackert is one of the worlds foremost custom builders of brick scenes and vehicles. An employee of Ford Motor Company who designs cars for a living, Peters work can be found on Flickr under the username Lego911. He lives in Australia with his wife.

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ISBN: 9780760361641
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Motorbooks
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Pub Date: September 2018
Page Extent: 192
Format: Paperback
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