Modernist Estates - Europe

The buildings and the people who live in them today

Stefi Orazi
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A showcase of modernist architecture across Europe, as it is lived in today

From the pre-war Viennese Werkbund Estate (designed by the likes of Gerrit Rietveld and Adolf Loos), the post-war Swiss Siedlung Halen (by Atelier 5) to more recent builds such as the Medina Complex in Eindhoven (Neave Brown), Modernist Estates: Europe showcases 15 housing schemes through archival and contemporary photography, alongside a series of interviews with current residents. This beautifully designed book takes an inside look at how these estates are inhabited today and examines the differences and similarities between estates across Europe.

Author bio:

STEFI ORAZI is a London-based designer and author of Modernist Estates: The buildings and the people who live in them today (2015) and The Barbican Estate (2018).

Category: The arts
ISBN: 9780711239081
Publisher: Quarto UK
Imprint: White Lion Publishing
Pub Date: February 2019
Page Extent: 192
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Houses, apartments, flats, etc