Letters to my Daughter

Sir Robert Menzies and Heather Henderson
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A fascinating insight into the political and private life of Australia's longest-serving prime minister.

As Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister and the founder of the Liberal Party, Sir Robert Menzies is a towering figure in our political and cultural history. Letters to My Daughter is a collection of letters written by Menzies to his only daughter, Heather, throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies, when she was living overseas with her diplomat husband. They are full of warmth, love, humour and insights both political and personal and they allow us to see a completely different side of a man most Australians think of as a rather stern and forbidding authoritarian figure. The letters are so beautifully written they make you realise what a lost art letter writing is, and they are introduced by Heather herself, who explains the insider references and humorous asides. The collection also includes fascinating correspondence between Menzies and leaders of the day, including President John F. Kennedy and Gough Whitlam. Even the most rusted-on Labor voter will come away with a different view of Menzies and his legacy after reading this book.

Author bio:

Sir Robert Menzies was founder of the Liberal Party and Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister. This collection is edited by his only daughter, Heather Henderson, to whom the letters were addressed.

Category: Memoirs
ISBN: 9781742662497
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Imprint: Pier 9
Pub Date: August 2011
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Memoirs