Creative Coding in Python

30+ Programming Projects in Art, Games, and More

Sheena Vaidyanathan
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Kids will learn the fundamentals of computer programming with 30+ fun projects in the intuitive programming language of Python with Creative Coding in Python.

Creative Coding in Python presents over 30 creative projects that teach kids how to code in the easy and intuitive programming language, Python. Creative Coding in Python teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and demonstrates how to code 30+ fun, creative projects using Python, a free, intuitive, open-source programming language thats one of the most popular worldwide.
Computer science educator Sheena Vaidyanathan helps kids understand the fundamental ideas of computer programming and the process of computational thinking using illustrations, flowcharts, and pseudocode, then shows how to apply those essentials to code exciting projects in Python: Chatbots: Discover variables, strings, integers, and more to design conversational programs; Geometric art: Use turtle graphics to create original masterpieces; Interactive fiction: Explore booleans and conditionals to invent "create your own adventure" games; Dice games: Reuse code to devise games of chance; Arcade games and apps: Understand GUI (graphical user interfaces) and create your own arcade games and apps.

Also included are inspiring examples by expert coders that take Python in amazing directions. Creative Coding in Python gives kids the tools they need to create their own computer programs.

Author bio:

Sheena Vaidyanathan teaches computer science to grades 6-8 and is the Computer Science Integration Specialist in the Los Altos School District, in Los Altos, California, where she has also designed computer science curricula, conducted professional development for the K-8 STEM program, and taught pre-algebra, digital design, and visual art. She is also the program director for the computer science professional development programs at Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College. She shares her 9 years of experience teaching coding by writing articles, presenting at conferences, and providing best practices and student work on her personal website, Prior to teaching, Vaidyanathan worked in Silicon Valley for more than 10 years as a computer scientist and technology entrepreneur. She lives in Los Altos, California.

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