Get the Scoop on Animal Brains

Dawn Cusick
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Brains are awesome, and a little gross, making them a perfect topic for kids!

Featuring 251 animal brain facts, Get the Scoop on Animal Brains digs deep and scoops out tons of fun facts about how animals use their brains to eat, find shelter, avoid predators, and survive. Did you know octopuses are multi-taskers? Since two-thirds of their neurons can be found in their arms, these marvelous creatures can crack open shellfish with one arm while doing something completely different with their others!

Did you know crows have remarkable memory and can recall the faces of humans that pose a threat to them? Or that bees can communicate with other bees through a series of waggle dances? These are just three of the hundreds of amazing things you will learn about animals and their brains in this fascinating, fully illustrated book.

Author bio:

Dawn Cusick writes children's nature nonfiction books that celebrate the intersection of science and fun. She has won the Animal Behavior Society's Outstanding Children's Science Book award twice, and her books appear on best-book lists by the National Science Teacher's Association, the International Reading Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Science Books & Films. She lives in western North Carolina and teaches biology at Haywood Community College.

Category: Children’s & educational
ISBN: 9781633225527
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Moondance Press
Series: Get the Scoop
Pub Date: September 2018
Page Extent: 80
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Children's, Teenage & educational