Los Angeles Cult Recipes

Victor Garnier Astorino
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Iconic road trip recipes from LA, birthplace of extreme food trends that go global.

Take a journey to the city of Californian dreams through 100 iconic recipes that capture the spirit of Los Angeles, the birthplace of food trends that go global. Author Victor Garnier Astorino recommends great places to eat and captures snapshots of this glittering city with its many different lifestyles, its music, cinema, surfing and well-being with its many rhythms, from catching waves to late night bars and clubs, and its eclectic tastes for spices, grilled food, health food, vegan food, caramel and everything sweet.
There are recipes for chilli hot dogs like you've never tasted them before, sensational avocado cheeseburgers, granola, lobster rolls, French-style tacos, fro yo, kale pizza, acai bowls, shrimp pad thai. LA worships at the temple of the healthy green juice and also at the temple of the hamburger.
From the Hollywood Hills to Venice Beach, from the local farmers market to the chic restaurants at the ocean's edge, from food trucks and vegan coffee shops, doughnuts, hot dogs and pad thai, to the original Californian roll - this is where fusion food began.

Author bio:

Victor Garnier Astorino grew up in Bordeaux, France. He left France in 2010 to live in Los Angeles and returned to Paris with two great passions: the hamburger and photography. In 2011, he opened his first hamburger joint, Blend, in Paris, and has since opened a further three in Paris. He travels regularly in the United States and photographs people who are passionate about food. His first book, Hamburger Gourmet, has been translated into several languages.

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Pub Date: August 2017
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