Health & fitness

Doula Bliss

Lindsey Bliss

AUD $27.99

Doulas empower mothers to plan for and secure the birthing experiences they want. Lindsey Bliss provides the resources for creating a sound birth plan and having a positive childbirth experience.

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Mindful Art of Wild Swimming

Tessa Wardley

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $19.99

Reflections for Zen Seekers

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The Label

Caroline White, illustrated by Sandra Isaksson

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $16.99

Being a new parent is nerve-jangling enough as it is, but what happens if your baby is not what you were expecting?

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The Great Cardio Myth

Craig Ballantyne with Chelsea Ratcliffe Bush

AUD $27.99

The Great Cardio Myth uncovers the science behind cardio and why it is an ineffective workout for weight loss and overall health.

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Curvy Girl Sex

Elle Chase

AUD $29.99

Curvy Girl Sex provides tried and tested methods, positions, and sex hacks for plus-sized lovers.

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Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis

David Lyons and Jacob Sloane

AUD $34.99

Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis is a program designed to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis maintain a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.

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Science of Stress

Gregory Fricchione, Ana Ivkovic and Albert Yeung

AUD $39.99

The Science of Stress is a trustworthy reference of established fact that explains the current scientific understanding of stress in clear concise summary.

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Steve Parker

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $49.99

For the curious and smart thinkers, this is science made fun. The ultimate visual guide to the human body as you've never seen it before.

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The Interstitial Cystitis Solution

Nicole Cozean and Jesse Cozean

AUD $27.99

The Interstitial Cystitis Solution is a comprehensive guide of the condition, helping patients take their treatment into their own hands.

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Naughty Dots

illustrated by James Brisson

AUD $9.99

Naughty Dots includes 80 provocative, sexually explicit dot-to-dot puzzles. As you connect the dots and view the fascinating clues, the intimate and sexy scenes reveal themselves.

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