30-Second Theories

The 50 most thought-provoking theories in science, each explained in half a minute

Paul Parsons
AUD $19.99

The primary ideas of science, presented in one easy-to-understand volume.

The most significant ideas in science reduced to digestible bite-size pieces. Chaos Theory, String Theory, the Theory of Relativity? Intelligent Design? Schrodinger's Cat and Pavlov's Dog? Sure, you know what they all mean. That is, you've certainly heard of all of them. But do you know enough about them to join a dinner party debate or dazzle the bar with your knowledge?

30-Second Theories takes a revolutionary approach to understanding the 50 most significant and intriguing scientific theories. It challenges a half-century of leading boffins to abandon their beloved jargon and explain the most complex theories in half a minute - using nothing more than two pages, 300 words, one flow chart, and a picture. Time might well be relative, but it's also precious in a world that seems to spin ever faster, and here, in one unique volume, you have the opportunity to pick the potted brains of our leading scientists and understand the key notes of our harmonious universe in less time than it takes to scratch your head.

Author bio:

Paul Parsons is the former editor of BBC Focus magazine. He has written on popular science for publications ranging from the Daily Telegraph to FHM. His book The Science of Doctor Who was one of 12 books longlisted for the 2007 Royal Society Prize for Science Books.

Category: Other books
ISBN: 9781742661803
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Imprint: Pier 9
Pub Date: February 2011
Page Extent: 160
Format: Hard Cover
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Popular science