Charles Stephenson
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Castles takes a uniquely architectural approach to deconstructing all forms of fortification, showing how the work of architect, stonemason, and engineer evolved to repel the increasingly destructive power of artillery. While the classic medieval castle is analysed in detail, the book addresses a broad chronology of structures - from the most ancient fortified city at Jericho through to the point in the nineteenth century when modern weapons forced armies underground.
Castles uses stylish two-tone engravings to dissect a wealth of examples; “anatomies” that annotate classic structures for both their architectural and military significance; and “riches to ruins” features that offer unique comparisons between castles in their pomp as depicted in illuminated manuscripts, and matching colour photographs of those same castles as they stand in ruins today.

Author bio:

CHARLES STEPHENSON is a historian and writer, whose recent military titles include: Servant to the King for His Fortifications: Paul Ive and the Practise of Fortification; The Admiral's Secret Weapon; Fortifications of the Channel Islands, 1941-45: Hitler's Impregnable Fortress; The Fortifications of Malta, 1530-1945 and The Siege of Tsingtau: The German-Japanese War 1914.

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Pub Date: June 2018
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