Conscious Creativity cards

Cards for thinking outside of the box

Philippa Stanton
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Conscious Creativity Cards offer inspiring images and prompts to help us connect to ourselves and our creative flow.

Craving more moments of intentional creative clarity and fun? These inspiring prompt cards are a joyful reminder to slow down, be mindful and embrace the random beauty and synchronicity in the everyday.

Portable, interactive, multi-purpose, calming and playful, the 108 collectible cards are a simple way to connect to our senses, ourselves and the world around us. Each unique card has a colourful iconic @5ftinf image on one side and an inspiring conscious creativity prompt on the other. Pick a card, tune into the prompt, and take the time to reflect. You can also play an iconic game (happy families or snap, anyone?) and a visual quiz - or even make up one of your own - or simply feel inspired by the images to find yourself in a meditative state of creative flow. Take these beautiful Conscious Creativity Cards and booklet with you to tap into your intuition, open up your creative pathways and spark your personal creativity.

Discover even more ways to mindfully explore your creativity with: Conscious Creativity (2018) and Conscious Creativity: The Workbook (2020).

Author bio:

Philippa Stanton is a professional artist and photographer with more than 20 years' experience of creating and teaching art. She holds popular workshops and teaches courses online, while the inspirational qualities of her imagery have attracted more than 400,000 followers for her @5ftinf account on Instagram. Clients attracted by her work have been as diverse as Green & Black's chocolate, travel company Tui and The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group. Philippa lives in Brighton, UK. She is the author of Conscious Creativity (2018) and Conscious Creativity: The Workbook (2020).

Category: Other books
ISBN: 9780711268623
Publisher: Quarto UK
Imprint: Ivy Press
Series: Conscious Creativity
Pub Date: November 2021
Page Extent: 138
Format: Book
Subject: Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation