Good Money (Build and Become)

20 thought-provoking lessons

Nathalie Spencer
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Good Money examines the behaviours that drives our financial habits and provides you with essential tools to boost your financial well-being.

To understand the changing world, we need to learn in new ways. The Build+Become series provides you with the inspiration and the tools needed to gain new skills and knowledge. Learn from the experts, unlock their practices, techniques and philosophies to drive your future. BUILD your knowledge and BECOME inspired. Through their expert text and their highly-visual, infographic-style approach, Build+Become books teach and inspire. They distil the important theories, subjects and practices at play in the world, and guide you in building your knowledge. Each book is broken down into 5 sections that look at distinct areas of the subject. Within each section are lessons that break down the important theories and reveal how these function in the world, and why they matter. Each lesson is beautifully illustrated in an impactful way, with a mixture of infographics, illustrations and blueprint-style designs - creating information that responds to how we digest information today.

Author bio:

Nathalie Spencer is a behavioural scientist specialising in financial capability. As senior researcher at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, in London) she co-authored Wired for Imprudence: Behavioural Hurdles to Financial Capability, among other titles. Now working at ING, Nathalie is further exploring how behavioural science can be used to boost financial wellbeing. She is co-organiser of the London Behavioural Economics Network, a group of behavioural science enthusiasts. Nathalie has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and a Master of Science in Behavioural Economics from Maastricht University. Born and raised in Boston USA, she has lived in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and has been based in London for over ten years.

Category: Other books
ISBN: 9781781317570
Publisher: Quarto UK
Imprint: White Lion Publishing
Pub Date: September 2018
Page Extent: 160
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Economics