Signs & Symbols of the World

Over 1,001 Visual Signs Explained

D.R. McElroy
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A comprehensive and definitive visual dictionary presenting the history, cultural meaning, and visual depiction of 1,001 mythical, artistic, and political symbols around the world in one volume.

This informative and engaging illustrated reference provides the stories behind 1,001 signs and symbols, from ancient hieroglyphs to modern-day political and subculture symbols. What in the world does ? mean? And what about its meaning might have led my coffee date to tattoo it on his entire forearm? Where did the symbol ? originate, and what was its first meaning? How did the ampersand symbol & come about and how was it applied daily in book publishing? And what is the full story behind that staring eye on top of the pyramid on our American dollar bill? This comprehensive guide to signs and symbols explains.
Find within:
More than 1,000 illustrations
An extensive collection of written and cultural symbols, including animals, instruments, stones, shapes, numbers, colors, plants, food, parts of the body, religious and astrological symbols, emojis, and gestures
Historical facts culled from a wide variety of sources

Learn all about the signs and symbols that surround us and their part in our rich world history.

Author bio:

D.R. McElroy has a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and a Master of Science in Environmental Resources. She is the co-author of Celestial Watercolor and has been a professional editor and writer for ten years. She lives in Michigan.

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ISBN: 9781577151869
Publisher: Quarto US
Imprint: Wellfleet
Pub Date: April 2020
Page Extent: 272
Format: Paperback
Subject: Reference, information & interdisciplinary subjects