Young adult non-fiction

Jungle (Life on Earth)

Heather Alexander, illustrated by Andres Lozano

Sales price: AUD $18.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.73

Which animals live in the jungle? What noises will you hear? And how do the plants grow?

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My First Book of Comparisons

Clive Gifford, illustrated by Ana Seixas

Sales price: AUD $24.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.27

A compelling and entertaining picture book for curious kids aged 5 and up. Exciting visual comparisons and fascinating facts help children measure and compare the world around them.

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One Moment in Time

Ben Lerwill, illustrated by Alette Straathof

Sales price: AUD $24.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.27

A lyrical, beautifully illustrated book that takes us on journey around the globe, showing how children in different parts of the world are doing very different things at exactly the same time.

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Queen of Freedom

Catherine Johnson

Sales price: AUD $14.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.36

The thrilling true story of how one woman masterminded slave resistance to British rule in eighteenth-century Jamaica - part of the True Adventures series.

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Queer Heroes

Arabelle Sicardi, illustrated by Sarah Tanat-Jones

Sales price: AUD $27.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.54

A vibrantly illustrated book of biographies celebrating the achievements of great LGBT artists, writers, innovators, athletes, and activists.

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