Young adult non-fiction

Around the World (What's Wrong?)

Catherine Veitch, illustrated by Fermin Solis

Sales price: AUD $19.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.82

Featuring beautifully illustrated scenes of places from around the world, this book is a fun way to learn about geography and culture.

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Castles Magnified

illustrated by Harry Bloom, David Long

Sales price: AUD $27.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.54

Meet history's most heroic knights as you travel back in time to follow Sir Gallahad into the court of King Arthur, Joan of Ark into battle, and Richard the Lionheart on his last crusade.

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Farm (Life on Earth)

Heather Alexander

Sales price: AUD $18.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.73

Who lives in the barn? How do seeds grow? And where do eggs come from?

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Frida Kahlo (Portrait of an Artist)

Lucy Brownridge, illustrated by Sandra Dieckmann

Sales price: AUD $19.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.82

Learn about one of the worlds favourite painters - Frida Kahlo - in this new and unique biography series, which depicts the story of an artist 's life through their own masterworks.

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Human Body: Your Digestive System

Sally Hewitt

Sales price: AUD $12.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.18

What does your esophagus do? How long is your small intestine? Which part of your body stores the goodness from food?

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