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The Perfume Companion

Sarah McCartney, Samantha Scriven

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The Perfume Companion is a beautifully illustrated compendium of almost 500 recommended scents. It organizes and explores fragrances in a bid to guide readers toward new favourites. Filled with vibrant descriptions and specially commissioned detailed illustrations that bring the fragrances and their beautiful bottles to life, it is the ideal introduction to the complex world of scent.

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The Right To Fly

and various

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A book passionately defending balloon flight for human beings, celebrating the 175th anniversary of The London Library

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The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence

E. W. Barton-Wright

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Learn how to defend yourself against an attacker using Bartitsu - with an overcoat, cane, or umbrella or even just your bare hands.

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The The Mad World of Sign Language

The Telegraph

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This Bearded Life

Carles Sune and Alfonso Casas

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Today, the beard is an indisputable fashion accessory, essential for all well-dressed, stylish men. But being bearded is more than just having facial hair: it's an attitude and a lifestyle choice.

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