The Art of Slow

For one week, slow everything down.

Make a conscious effort to eat slower, talk slower, ‘make-out’ slower, work at a slower pace. Take time in the morning to get ready without rushing out the door and create space between your ‘to dos’ and chores to let things process.
When you’re showering, take your time. When you’re preparing meals, slow down. And when you’re feeling that incessant need to push faster, go harder and force something, yes, that’s your cue to SLOW DOWN.
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The moments you feel like the world might end if you slow down? That’s when you need to slow down the most.
Sure – there are times to hustle and make things happen. There are times to push further, to go hard, to pull the all-nighter when you’re on a critical deadline. But otherwise... slow down.
It sounds counter-productive but often the slower and more deliberate you are, the more you get done. And when we feel productive and like we’re getting things done, we feel fulfilled. Only always.
Slowing down allows your cells to rejuvenate and restore so that in the times the hustle is really needed, you can go full throttle and kick goals.
Do you want to race to the end of your life? Or do you want to slow down, drink in your moments and savour the sweetness of what every moment has to offer?
Slow down.
Let yourself catch up.
Tomorrow night, spend just five minutes journalling your ‘slow’ experience. Write down anything at all that you have observed, from frustration and resistance to joy and clarity. Mindfulness is like a muscle: the more we practise it – in this case, being aware of pace – the stronger it becomes.
Extract from Life in Flow by Kate Kendall 
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