How to Access Your Intuition

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I knew with every fibre of my being we would buy 19 Star Street. The odds seemed stacked against us, though, even with the sign on the license plate. Stumbling upon the online property listing, I gasped and my heart skipped a beat. One cursory glance and my body knew it was our place. Arriving at the first open home, I was daunted by the volume of other house-hunters. As soon as I walked in, it felt like home. I recognised it on a cellular level. I could also sense the energy of the current owners as I wandered through the home — something was up. 

Leaving, I stopped to chat with the real estate agent. As soon as he mentioned the owners, a young couple like Gary and me, the spirit of the male owner’s deceased father arrived to talk to me. He’d died just a week before. He told me we’d get the house — and the price his son and daughter-in-law wanted.
We put in an offer and secured the home. Entering into a purchase contract on the house, with a clause subject to us securing finance, we tasked our rational minds to support the guidance we’d received.
The banks do not favour self-employment, so we shouldn’t have been surprised when our mortgage broker informed us that unless I was willing to find employment, we were unlikely to secure the loan and would therefore lose the property. Heartbroken (and a little confused with the signs), Gary and I held faith that somehow the guidance would come good. Seeking employment wasn’t an option for me; I’d committed to my path. We both knew in our hearts and souls this house was meant for us.
We asked for divine intervention.
The next evening, I received a text message from my old boss from the online travel company, where Gary and I first met. My replacement was about to go on maternity leave and they weren’t able to find anyone to fill the role — would I be interested? It was a part-time position, three days a week for a few months. I agreed to take that job, provided I received a letter of employment in time to secure the loan from the bank. We fulfilled the finance clause just in time.
Our guidance is always leading us to the lessons, experiences and situations for us to live out our lessons and purpose. For Gary and me, that house was part of our journey together, just as much as it was about us receiving the message that all of life is supporting us.
By the time we bought that house, I’d spent a few years experimenting with the interplay of guidance and creating our lives in accordance with our life plan. In this story, my intuitive hunch promised the house was ours. This wisdom didn’t match what the world was trying to tell us, but, by recognising the signs and following the threads before us, we found an outcome, balancing head and heart.
This easily could’ve gone the other way. So many times, people have told me about their intuitive hunches that haven’t worked out. Familiarising yourself with the world of intuition isn’t as easy and natural as it may seem, but the results are totally with it.

Impressions and instinct

Intuition is a highly symbolic language we don’t readily recognise. Mastering this language reminds us who we really are — why wouldn’t we want to become fluent in it?
A multitude of intuitive impressions bombard us daily. Observe some that arrive for you today. For example, pay attention to your impressions of the next person you meet. Not a mental judgement of someone, but the feeling you have about them. Ever had butterflies when you’ve met a new love interest? Or felt the hairs on your arms or neck stand up in foreboding distrust? How do you know these signs? Do you trust them? Are you more likely to trust these but not others?
Back to the discussion on mental judgements. Often, these go against what our body might be telling us. Despite our body saying, ‘Don’t trust him,’ our rational mind counterbalances with, ‘Oh, but he looks so trustworthy. There’s no logical reason right now not to trust him.’ Rational thought wants to override our intuition advising us not to get involved. Trust those feelings!
It’s not just impressions of people. Maybe your job makes you sick in the stomach, or you’ve walked into someone’s home and immediately felt at peace — or not! Our body’s response to the world around us constantly offers us clues. Are you paying attention?
All this intuitive data adds up, narrating our story over time. That information is invaluable and it passes fleetingly.


Have you received intuitive impressions before? Perhaps you felt a gut instinct and had a visceral response to a situation? Did you listen? How did things play out? Sometimes ignoring our inner sense teaches us the most. What have you noticed as you’ve created more stillness, space and silence in your life? What impressions and clues have bubbled to the surface?

Extract from You Already Know by Helen Jacobs